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A statement from the Destination Lanzarote team

17th March 2020

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Dear friends, our island like so many all over the world, is currently closed for tourism. It’s far from what we’re used to and we’re doing all we can to protect the vulnerable here in our community whilst making sure we’re open for business as soon as possible. As a tourist or visitor, you are our lifeblood and we need your support and understanding during this break from normality. We will thrive again if you work with us.

It’s important to realise that travel to Lanzarote for the purpose of a holiday is not possible right now and won’t be for the coming weeks. Where it is theoretically possible (due to the last remaining inbound flights), it shouldn’t be. We cannot give you the experience you deserve, and inbound tourism is stretching our ability to maintain the lockdown. We now urge you to isolate at home and to visit us again when the restrictions lift.

If you have a holiday booked to Lanzarote in March, please contact your travel operator and seek to rebook at a later date. If you are here already, we will look after you as family. Please do not leave your hotel or complex and closely follow the advice of all officials. Our police are friendly and fair, but we have also asked them to be strict in enforcing the rules so that we can return to stability quickly.

Remember, although you may not feel unwell, it is the healthy and young who may be endangering the lockdown from working and movement for social purposes defeats the benefit of our global isolation efforts. We know you will sympathise, and we know you will come back to see us and your friends as soon as we can open the gates.

Lanzarote is unique and strong and proud. Let’s beat this silly bug, together, alone.

With all our love,

Alex, Pat, Chris & Judit

With thanks to Ian.

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Photo by Jan Böke on Unsplash